Are you happy with your marketing results? 

  • Does your marketing feed into all levels of your sales funnel?
  • Is it shortening the sales cycle, and making the sales process easier?
  • Is it working on developing relationships with prospects and referral partners?
  • Is it getting your phone ringing?

I hope you can say Yes to all of the above. That’s an indication that you are working strategically, covering all areas of your marketing, and you’re doing a good job of developing those important relationships.

If the answer is No to any one of the above, there is room for improvement – improvements that will positively affect your bottom line, and potentially make your sales process a lot easier too! Check out this article, How I Can Tell a Company Could Improve Their Marketing Results to learn more about what to improve.

Many businesses will pitch marketing efforts out there and hope for the best. Maybe you’ve done some work on your target markets, and you may have a social media presence, but the clients just aren’t coming in like you think they should. It’s easy to find things to blame it on, but when we dig deeper we can identify many opportunities. (Ask me about a complimentary assessment to review your marketing.)

The two biggest opportunities to turn your marketing around and get it working as hard for you as it possibly can, are:

1. Be Strategic! Start with a Strategic Marketing Plan. Focus on target markets from their perspective, and be purposeful toward your goals.
2. Build Relationships! Accept 100% responsibility for the relationship. It’s up to you to keep it alive, and move it along.

We accomplish this by focusing on these three critical phases of your marketing and branding:

  • Aligning with your target markets through strong brand positioning strategies that get on their radar.
  • Attracting them with benefit oriented sales and marketing strategies and communications.
  • Prospering by developing lasting relationships, and keep them coming back for more!

I’ve been in marketing my whole career, working strategically in ad agencies and in-house creative and marketing teams toward great success. I received favorable notation in POP Magazine for work I did on Campbell’s Soup, led the Branding Council for a $4.9B line of business and have worked with over 250 small businesses. 

Having worked with just about every type and size of business has given me a deep understanding and appreciation of proper brand positioning, and what makes for successful sales and marketing communications.

There is always something we can do to improve your marketing results – and make you happy with them! Find out what working strategically on your brand and marketing can do for your business.

Get started today with a complimentary 30 Minute strategy session.

“When it comes to understanding branding and “how” to market your product, service, or personal capabilities, Connie engages her reservoir of extensive experience and knowledge to develop challenging, effective scenarios for new product ideas and ongoing marketplace demands. Her creative approach to developing and implementing marketing strategies and effective communications, results in unique, powerful messages that not only produce amazing results, but often surpass expectations.” —KimAileen White, Career Strategist

Clients include:

Radisson Hotels
Rainbow Foods
Holiday StationStores
Party City
Cal Spas
Lay’s Potato Chips
Pepperidge Farm
Campbell’s Soup
Taco Bell
Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
Geraty Investments
Plymouth Fine Arts Council
Wedding Day Diamonds
Orton Gillingham Reading Specialists
Olive Branch Retreat
Automotive Concepts
ICF (International Coach Federation) Minnesota
Animal Bridges
Profit Pros®
Thoresen, Diaby, Helle, Condon, & Dodge, Inc.
TLC Home 
Elliott Acupuncture
Pointsource Consulting
Flex-Able Solutions
Excelsior Real Estate
TC Kids Club
Vibrant Health Spa
David Sherman Photography
Estate Maven
Twin Cities TOSCA
Jeannine Marie Photography
Warren King, L.Ac.
C&C Lawns
Anchor Insurance
Right At Home
Organized Homes & Staging
Aquarium Pros
Block Studio
Foster Klima
Silent Witness
CRES Real Estate
Aurochs Financial
Bright Star Care

…Plus many others!

“Connie is a gifted visionary who is always ready to solve problems. She is a huge talent to have on any team, she excels at communication, collaboration, and strategic development of the marketing process. Any business would be very lucky to have her consultation services.” — Kathy Swanson, Senior Account Director

Complimentary 30-Minute Strategy Session

What’s your biggest marketing concern?
Marketing isn’t working as well as it should?
Not attracting the right clients?
Suffering from slow periods?

Get the clarity you need and the steps to take now. Schedule your Complimentary Strategy Session.

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