DIY Tools

Here are a few tools to help you on your way:

Marketing courses are currently being developed! Check back in October 2018!

Relationship Marketing: You Know How Important This Is! 

PowerLunch talk sponsored and hosted by Virtual OffiCenters. It starts at about 2 minutes in. I cover a lot of marketing best practices here involving social media, CRM and being benefit oriented.


Mission Statement Worksheet

Your mission statement literally defines the mission of your business. Why are you here? What are your primary motivators? Seeing how motivated and dedicated you are to your own business can build credibility, trust and excitement. Done correctly, your mission statement will set you apart from the competition and appeal to your targets.

Mission Statement Worksheet.pdf

Sales Funnel Diagram and Video

The sales funnel is a visual diagram of the sales process from first contact to evangelist client. This is important for small business owners to understand because you can learn how to identify problem areas and which marketing tools can help resolve them

CK Sales Funnel Diagram.pdf

 Complimentary 30-Minute Strategy Session

What’s your biggest marketing concern?

• Marketing isn’t working as well as it should?
• Not attracting the right clients?
• Suffering from slow periods?

Get the clarity you need and the steps to take now. Schedule your Complimentary Strategy Session.