The following is an overview of some of the services that have helped many businesses get their marketing to work as hard for them as it possibly can.

What your business requires is very individual, and requires investigation, planning, and strategy. 


  Marketing Plans

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Your Marketing Plan is the crucial first step in your marketing development. What should your strategy be? That depends on your target markets, business goals and much more. 

Your Plan will be a thorough, comprehensive report and step-by-step plan that outlines your brand, marketing and social media strategies, and the opportunities for growth and prosperity with your ideal target markets. This is a stand-alone plan that will inform development resources with the insights and direction they need to best reflect your brand strategy and goals. 

Most Marketing Plans include:

  • Specific branding, marketing, social media, and relationship marketing strategies clearly defined
  • Target markets and engagement opportunities identified
  • SWOT and competitive analyses
  • Key differentiators defined to set you apart from the competition
  • Customized recommendations to get you to your goals
  • Prioritized schedule of development
  • Strong go-to-market strategies for new product or program launches (if needed)

You’ll have the who, what, when, where, why and how of marketing your business.
No more guessing or throwing money away at uncertain opportunities. 

It’s the tool to market your business strategically. Effectively.

Brand Positioning

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Are you attracting the right clients?

Whether it’s intentional or not, your brand already reflects very specific positioning qualities. These qualities help prospects identify you (or not) as a peer provider who can help them with their wants or needs. 

Some of the common, unintentional brand positioning that can easily be corrected include:

  • Being seen with an internal focus (all about me) vs. an external focus on helping you.
  • A lack of relationship development, which can also reflect an internal focus.

Website Conversions


You’re getting people to your website, but are they taking action?

If your brand positioning is a blank slate, they may not be finding something to connect with. When we implement brand positioning that highlights your key differentiators, speaks to target market drivers on their terms, and builds engagement they are more likely to feel that your business is the solution to their needs. 

There are also best practice standards that should be implemented to make sure you are on top of current trends with how people want to interact with a website. Our goal is to stack the deck in your favor in every possible way to ease the path to engagement and developing relationships.

 Digital and Social Media

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Everybody’s out there and you probably should be too.

Your brand, business goals, and target markets determine your digital and social media strategy. Where should you be? How often? What should you say, and what shouldn’t you say? In order for social media to work for your business, these are crucial strategic elements that should be explored.

And it is true that some businesses need to be on social media only for brand awareness. What do you think of businesses with no online presence? It does matter!  

 Sales Strategy Solutions

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Having sales conversations, including closing the sale, can be made easy!

• Conversation starters
• Progressing the sale
• How to describe what you do in an enticing way
• Introductions and Elevator speeches

There’s a psychology to it. How many adjectives should you use? How many sentences before their mind starts drifting. When to ask the right questions. It doesn’t have to feel like selling!

Other projects

Marketing strategy concept - many uses for company.As your full-service marketing firm, I’d love to help you with your graphic design, copy writing, and content development needs.


• Full-service professional websites
• Graphic design
• Copy writing and content development
• Brochures
• Direct mail
• Packaging

“Connie Kroskin has created a comprehensive package of design, structure and direction that symbolizes both my business and me. She has provided a beautifully crafted visual design for my business and brand. Her warmth, expertise and creativity have increased the visibility of my business, which in turn increased my customer base. I appreciate her depth of knowledge and proficiency of crafting a finely tuned marketing strategy for me to follow. Working with Connie is a huge yahoo for any business owner. Take advantage of her complimentary consultation, you will thank the heavens for having the opportunity to work with a well-seasoned and savvy marketing professional.” — Meg Miller, Owner and Founder of Critical Next Step

Complimentary 30-Minute Strategy Session

What’s your biggest marketing concern?

• Marketing isn’t working as well as it should?
• Not attracting the right clients?
• Suffering from slow periods?

Get the clarity you need and the steps to take now. Schedule your Complimentary Strategy Session.


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