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The 3 Most Effective Things You Should Do With Your Marketing


I had lunch with some wonderful ladies recently who were wondering how to attract more responses from their marketing. What could I tell them in a short amount of time that would give them the most impact? They happened to be part of an international organization, but the solutions that I gave them are the same for just about any type or size of business.

Getting these right can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your marketing:

Number 1:

Know your target markets. You may think you have a very large target market, or your product or service could appeal to anyone, but take a closer look. Who is actually buying now, and how is that different from your ideal client? Are they re-engaging and buying more? Telling their friends? Who is the client that does? Focus on them.

Now take this a step further, and define their emotional and behavioral drivers. This is very important. What is the emotional need that your product or service satisfies? A feeling of security? A better quality of life? And what behavior or situations would drive their need? A major life change? A goal unmet? Business growth or expansion?

Number 2:

Once you’ve defined your target markets and their drivers, speak to them – in all of your marketing communications in a benefit-oriented fashion. What are the outcome benefits of what you have to offer? Tell them how your product or service will satisfy their drivers.

Here are a some before and after examples:

Before (feature oriented): I am a life coach who believes in great things and will help you live your dreams.

After (benefit oriented): Has life taken you off course? Let’s get you on a better path to living your dreams!


Before (featured oriented): I have over 20 years experience and I’ve won lots of awards.

After (benefit oriented): I’ll apply over 20 years of hands-on ad agency experience to make sure your marketing works as hard as it possibly can for you.


Number 3:

Tell them what to do. There seems to be varying opinions on what exactly a call-to-action is. It is literally, a directive to act. If you are not telling people what you’d like them to do next, your communication is informational only. It’s not doing much marketing for you beyond possibly driving brand awareness.

The goal is to have your marketing communications work as hard as they possibly can, so you don’t have to be there. Think of the call-to-action as closing the sale toward the next level of engagement you’d like from them. Learn More. Get started. Sign up. Register here.

As consumers, you know we’re inundated with advertising, and that social media is a crowded environment. Regardless of what your business is or your marketing capabilities, staying focused on your client’s needs and perspective will help you build those relationships.

Connie Kroskin
Marketing Strategy Consultant

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