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6 Marketing Activities to Grow Your Business

email newsletter on smartphone

You’ve started your business, and you’re ready to roll. You have the services, but you don’t have any clients. Or maybe you have plenty of product, but you don’t have any buyers. Sound familiar? What you need to do is start marketing, and fast. If you’re already in the game, you may need to increase or strengthen the advertising you’re already doing. Marketing activities will help show everyone how incredible your business is while helping it grow. There are a lot of ways to market and sell your business, as TradeGecko and Chron show in their lists, but we’ve boiled it down to our top 6 marketing activities that will help your business grow.

1. Newsletters


email newsletter on smartphone

You need to get the information out there, and newsletters are the fastest option, as they can be delivered straight to your potential or existing customers’ inboxes. If your business doesn’t already have a newsletter, now’s the time to start one! Your newsletter can communicate all of the information that will get people interested in you and what you are selling. Share who you are and what your business is, or include more specific information on your products and services, current offers, and upcoming events or sales. Every time you send a newsletter, you’re reminding current or potential customers that you exist and can provide them with what they need. Email newsletters also get one of the highest conversion rates!

Of course, those newsletters have to go to someone, which brings us to the next marketing activity.

2. Email Subscriptions

The more subscribers your newsletter or website has, the more inboxes become available to send information on your business, current promotions, and new products or services. One way to increase your number of subscribers is a pop-up subscriber service. When someone visits your website, a box will pop up right on their screen asking if they want up-to-date news and offers delivered straight to them. Check mine out at They can enter their email right then and there, and–voila!–another subscriber for you. There are many pop-up service providers out there, both free and not free. The folks over at Winning WP have a good list of their favorites with a variety of prices. Just Uno has another good list and more information on why exactly you need them. I like because of the easy integration. You can also set automatic pop-ups when a customer is leaving your website to inform them of a special offer; this might inspire them to stay on the website longer, or even to use the special offer.

You now have information going to their inboxes, which is good, but there are plenty of other methods of communicating about your business.

3. Cold-Calling


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Don’t underestimate the power of telemarketing. Calling potential or existing customers can be beneficial for your business, even if you don’t make any direct sales while on the phone. Hearing the name of your company increases awareness. For new customers, they may be interested enough to check out your business in the future. For current customers, you’re reminding them of your services so that they can use you again, and you’re also strengthening customer loyalty.

Of course, you want customers to be able to find you again, whether or not you are on the phone with them. A website is crucial to your business, which leads us to our next marketing activity.


4. Search Engine Marketing

Make sure your business has a website, but beyond that, make sure it’s easy to read and to use. The more accessible and readable it is, the more likely potential customers are to use it and keep using it. This probably sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Once you have a website, you want people to find it immediately. You need your site to end up on the first page of Google searches because most people only check out the first few results. Search engine marketing is a marketing strategy to get you on that first page. Making your website as slick as possible, and including all of the words and phrases that people are likely to search for, will help lead them directly to your site.

If people haven’t heard of you through email or phone calls yet, how will they know your business website exists? I’m glad you asked.

5. Ad Spending


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Ads are an essential marketing activity. There are a lot of different places on the Internet to place ads for your business, but the best are usually the big social media sites as well as Google. Make a budget for ads if you don’t already have one, or increase your ads budget. The more people see ads, the more people click through on them, and the more money you make in sales. Raising awareness of your business is essential. Ads are a great way to do it, and worth the money you’ll spend on them.

Speaking of ads, it’s easier than ever to track interest in your business and market ads directly to those interested.

6. Facebook Re-marketing Campaign

You know how it seems like sometimes you’re just thinking about a product and then you magically see an ad for it on your Facebook? Here’s how to do it for your business. Through Facebook, you can help your ads “follow” interested customers. If you put a Facebook tracking pixel on your website, once a customer visits and then leaves your website, your ads will show up again for them once they visit Facebook. This helps them remember that they were considering your products or services, and might inspire them to purchase later on. Remember, awareness, awareness, awareness. If a customer needs what you are offering, you want them to know about you and remember you. Facebook re-marketing (or re-targeting) helps them do that.

We have discussed a list of strong marketing activities that will accumulate results for your business. Some of these strategies might seem intimidating. If you need help with marketing for your business, we are here to help!

Connie Kroskin Consulting is a Branding and Marketing Strategy Firm that helps start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses get awesome marketing results with proven strategic brand positioning and marketing solutions. Our major focus is on creating engagement, building relationships, and driving inbound marketing results. Our philosophy is Get Strategic and Get Results! Get started with a complimentary 30-minute strategy session.


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