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Beaming to Your Target Markets

Many businesses develop their brand imagery based on personal preferences. This seems like a perfectly natural approach but it may not take your target market’s preferences into consideration. What do they want you to look like? Along with being true to your unique qualities, if you don’t reflect their general aesthetics preferences you may not be getting on their radar.

Let’s take a swimming pool company for example. They service pools and spas for a very upscale clientele, including many celebrities.  They knew what they wanted for their logo design, and they were certain it was the right thing, because in their minds it was cool and techy.  What was their idea of cool and techy? Remember the original Star Trek series and the emblem on their shirts they would touch to order Scotty to beam them up? Yep, that’s what they wanted.

Unfortunately no amount of persuasion on my part, including a more appropriate design could convince them until more than ten years later when they came back wanting the appropriate logo, which by then was no longer around. Live and learn.  How much business did they miss out on when the marketplace became more competitive?

Let’s look at another example. Imagine you are in the market for a new custom tailored suit, and you’ve narrowed it down to two businesses, both named Daniel’s. Looking at the business cards below, which one do you think you will get the better quality suit from, and more appropriately reflects your social standing?

daniels cards

I’m guessing you selected the one on the right. Now think about your clients and what they are purchasing from you. Does your brand live up to their expectations? Ideally, your brand should reflect the highest and best outcome of working with you. If yours isn’t, you are probably having a hard time getting on your target markets radar or closing sales.

It can be tough to think objectively about your business like this, and apply the necessary brand strategy and positioning. If you’d like some help, call for a complimentary strategy session, and let’s get you beaming with your target markets.