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Take a glimpse into the success stories and transformative journeys of businesses that have partnered with us. Here is the real-world impact of strategic marketing, design, and communication solutions. View more on the Testimonials page.

Become Demand Driven

Boosting Business Growth Through Strategic Marketing

Connie Kroskin has been exceptional in creating momentum around my growing business. Whether I need the complete package or advising and direction, Connie makes it happen.  And most of all, being excited about helping to grow my business. Thanks, Connie.
-John Melbye

Problem: Become Demand Driven, led by John Melbye, DDPP, DDLP, DDOP, CSCP, faced a challenge in enhancing its business visibility and engagement. Despite having a growing business, the lack of a comprehensive marketing strategy hindered the momentum needed to thrive in a competitive landscape.

An additional challenge for Become Demand Driven was in helping people understand supply chains in a simple enough manner, while also appreciating the value of leaving the old ways behind.

Solution: John Melbye enlisted the expertise of Connie Kroskin, a seasoned brand and marketing expert. Connie provided a complete marketing solution, including strategic brand development, impactful marketing strategies, and engaging videos and advertising campaigns.

Posting quality, edited, yet genuine videos on YouTube and cross-promoting them on LinkedIn proved to be a highly effective approach. This tactic significantly boosted views, surpassing the impact of using each platform independently.

Outcome: Her versatile approach ensured brand consistency, widely increased engagement, and established John as a thought leader in Supply Chain. Her cross-channel solutions and campaigns boosted Become Demand Driven’s reach into National and International growth. Connie’s strategic marketing initiatives led to a significant increase in Become Demand Driven’s visibility and engagement.

This case study highlights the transformative outcome of the collaboration, showcasing the power of strategic cross-channel marketing in propelling business growth. Connie’s passion for helping businesses grow was a driving force behind the success of this marketing initiative.

Animal Bridges

Transformative Branding and Marketing for Animal Bridges

Thank you Connie for your insight, understanding, and letting me be me! 
-Elaine Garley, Founder of Animal Bridges.

Problem Statement: Before connecting with Connie, Elaine Garley, the founder of Animal Bridges, had been a DIY business person for six years. Despite her efforts, she struggled to elevate her business to the next level. Elaine found herself unsatisfied with the look of her business and the message it conveyed. Despite tweaking her approach, progress was minimal, leading to frustration and wasted time.

Solution: Enter Connie, a seasoned marketer who understood the nuances of Elaine’s business. Connie undertook a comprehensive assessment and crafted a tailored Marketing Plan. She not only identified what Elaine was doing right but also honed in on the unique qualities that set Animal Bridges apart. Connie strategically branded the business to resonate with the perfect clients.

The collaboration resulted in a profound transformation. Elaine’s newfound ability to communicate effectively about her services has become a cornerstone of Animal Bridges. The culmination of their work manifested in a cohesive brand identity, impactful marketing tools, and a compelling website that authentically represents the essence of Animal Bridges.

Outcome: With Connie’s insight and experience, Animal Bridges now stands as a beacon for the services she provides. The business has successfully shifted to providing online services, enabling the business to thrive as Elaine moved to another state.

The brand aligns seamlessly with her clients. The success story of Animal Bridges showcases the power of Connie’s strategic branding and marketing in propelling a business to new heights.

She is genuinely interested in my success

I worked with Connie Kroskin in a few different ways over the last couple years and I imagine will be again for future needs. She helped me gain focus in my business message and create a formula that worked specifically for my marketing needs. I reference it often still. She is genuinely interested in my success and thoughtful in building my business strategy.

Jeannine Marie
Jeannine Marie Photography

I have at least doubled my business

All I can say is that my business was slow and I didn’t know what to do. Connie assessed my business, had me do a rebranding with a new image, had me do an open house and do regular newsletters. Since then I have been busy. So for very little cost I have at least doubled my business. I’d recommend her to anyone who is ready to make important changes. And she is a delightful person to work with.

Warren King
Warren King Natural Healing

Connie is my go-to person

Connie Kroskin updated and changed the trajectory of Animal Bridges. I started with the initial meeting and never looked back. Connie is my go-to person for all my marketing needs. She listens and understands my business and makes it easy for others to understand too!

Elaine Garley
Animal Bridges

Couldn’t recommend her highly enough

Connie was absolutely fantastic in helping our small business make the transition from homegrown to professional. Connie was very helpful in tailoring her services to what our team needed and in doing so, has helped us completely reshape the image of our company. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Josh Augustine
Small Business Owner

Connie has been great for my business

Working with Connie has been great for my business. She is the total marketing package for any business. Connie has designed my logo, website, email campaigns and social media platforms. She has great insights and talents that could benefit any business looking to leave no stone unturned for taking their business to the next level.

Sarah Elliott
Elliott Therapeutics

Connie is a Brand and Marketing expert

Connie is a Brand and Marketing expert for small business. She’s a strategic, out-of-the box thinker who provides practical as well as innovative solutions to accomplish your goals. Working with Connie was a breeze. She provides a step-by-step process with markers along the way that match your needs. She’s clear in her contracts, beginning, middle, and end, while also being available to help you pivot and explore state of the art solutions. I highly recommend Connie Kroskin for your Brand and Marketing needs.

Jan Hoistad
Dr. Jan Hoisted Partners

For My Growing Business

Connie Kroskin has been exceptional in creating the momentum around my growing business. Graphic Design, business cards, LinkedIn posts and advertising. Whether I need the complete package or advising and direction, Connie makes it happen. And most of all, being excited about helping to grow my business. Thanks Connie.

John Melbye
Become Demand Driven

Connie was one of the best Art Director’s I worked with

Connie was one of the best Art Director I worked with. Connie was able to pull together projects with an innovative and strategic balance. She was very detailed and engaged every step of the way and could provide thoughtful and creative solutions that were above the level expected. I would love the chance to work with Connie again.

Michele Knapp
Project Manager

I highly recommend that you get in touch with her

Connie understands how to help tap into creativity. She helps individuals and businesses find a new way to attract the customers or ideas that you desire. I experienced her 12-month creativity workshop and after one session it was transformative. I highly recommend that you get in touch with her for your marketing, creative or inspiration needs.

Anne Pryor
LinkedIn Trainer

Very strong marketing plan

I have had the privilege of working with Connie for the last month. Connie is very organized and professional. Connie is a great listener, she has asked for my input and then has put together a very strong marketing plan to help achieve my sales goals.

I highly recommend Connie for all of your Marketing Strategy needs.

Mark Patun
Sales Person

I highly recommend working with Connie

I highly recommend working with Connie. She helped me put a new Web site together and is a delight to work with — kind and professional — and smart and savvy. Both her Web site and marketing expertise were invaluable and I learned a lot. Connie also works faster than the speed of light! With just a few simple instructions, she was off and running! I look forward to working with her again on future projects.

Cass Erickson
Writing For the Workplace

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