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Creating a Powerful Mission & Vision Statement

You work hard to ensure your company’s success. With as many things you have on your plate as a business owner, it can be easy to discount the importance of having powerful mission and vision statements for your brand. They might not seem as essential as some of the other things on your to-do list but, they are the heart and soul of your company.

In fact, mission and vision statements are the most important things to develop when growing your brand. They are the focal point of your business and what should motivate your company’s daily operations. If they are true to your company’s focus, they will drive you towards your goals.

If you pay attention, mission and vision statements are everywhere. All successful companies have them, and some of them are known worldwide. If you want to learn more about how to create the perfect mission and vision statements, then you’ve come to the right place.  Call Connie Kroskin Consulting today and let us help you with your vision and mission statements.

The Importance of Vision and Mission Statements

Developing your brand is a process that begins deep in the roots of the mission and dream for your company. Skillfully created mission and vision statements are the centerpieces of your business and will encourage, motivate, and focus you on meeting and exceeding your goals.

Your mission and vision are things that you believe with every fiber of your being. They are what you stand for. Read your statements often and post them in conspicuous places where your employees can read them too. Then live by them and operate your company accordingly.

It’s an anchor for you and your staff to hold on to when running your business gets challenging. As a leader, a lot of responsibility gets put on your shoulders, and it can be easy to get burned out. The day to day to-do list can be overwhelming at times, and you fail to remember the reason behind the madness–your mission and vision. They will remind you and your employees of the purpose behind your hard work.  

How You Use Your Vision and Mission Statements

Your vision and mission statements are catalysts for developing successful marketing strategies. You can use them as a template to create a plan that will fulfill what your business set out to accomplish.

Your statements also provide a foundation for decision-making. It will set your limits and guide you and the leaders within your company as they make significant decisions because it gives them a clear road map of where your company is going and how to get there. Your mission and vision will set standards for your company to ensure that you stay on the right track.

When procedures change in your company, it’s often accompanied by fear and frustration on the part of the staff. Having a solid mission and vision will help your employees have a smoother transition and be more accepting of the changes. When the reasoning behind the changes are aligned with your mission and vision, then the transition should go smoothly.

Vision vs. Mission

People often confuse the words vision and mission. Your vision is what you imagine for your future. Your mission is how you’re going to get there.

Your vision statement should have more meaning. It defines why you exist and what you hope to accomplish with your brand.

Your mission is what you’re doing to fulfill your vision. Your mission statement should answer the questions of who, what, and how. To whom are you providing services? What are you offering them? How are you offering them the product or service?

Developing Your Mission Statement

When you begin to create your mission statement, you should ask yourself why you started your business. What made you decide to build your brand? Once you’ve established that, ask yourself who you intend to serve. And finally, how are you going to help them?

There are many different ways to structure your mission statement. If your company has numerous divisions, you can break it down and cater it towards each department. The purpose of the statement is to aid in concentrating on what you’re doing today so that you can reach the goals of the future. It shouldn’t be all about money either. Ultimately it’s what you’re doing every day that contributes towards the overall target for your brand.

Developing Your Vision Statement

Your vision statement should be meaningful and relay the long-term dreams for your company. It’s the heart of your organization, and it should be overflowing with an abundance of possibilities that are so big that they seem unfeasible. When people read this statement, it should motivate them to dream, hope, and have faith in your vision.

Putting It In Words

When you write your mission and vision statements, the words you choose matter. Fill them with vibrant words that will define the passion you have for your company and brand. You want them to inspire and motivate you and everyone who reads them. You can create an image with your words that will provoke action.

Put some flavor in your statements by adding words like “outrageous,” “passion,” and “marvel.” Be descriptive but keep it short and to the point. Read your statements out loud and make sure that they give you a good feeling about them. In just a few sentences it should capture your brands objective and the logic behind them. It informs your employees, customers, community, and suppliers of what your company is all about.

Your brand gives life to your mission and vision. They are the most valuable things you can have in your company. Developing meaningful mission and vision statements that motivate and inspire everyone who reads them are essential for how others view your company and ensuring its success. Stay true to your vision and mission, and customers will flock to your doorstep for what you offer.

If you need assistance creating a vision and mission statement for your brand, Connie Kroskin Consulting is happy to help. Contact Us for more information about vision and mission statements.

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