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What is “branding”?

Every marketer or brand expert would answer this differently. We all have our own philosophies. Good thing you’re here because mine, of course, is the right one! 😉

My philosophy is that branding is the essence and personality of your business. How it looks, what it says, and its reputation.

Marketing invites people in, branding is the reason they will engage.

Why do I need branding?

You already have a brand whether you realize it or not. You are being perceived in a certain way. Hopefully it’s not a blank slate, but a lot of business brands are.

When we put effort into defining your brand we’re taking control of the narrative and perception so it best reflects your brand essentials and your target market’s wants and needs.

We make you likable. Nobody likes to buy from someone they don’t like.

What kind of marketing do you do?

This is one of those things that might be better explained by what it isn’t. It is NOT network marketing, sales, advertising, or social media-centric.

It’s strategic, meaning we start with your goals in mind and follow current best practices and smart strategies focused on small business lead generation.

A lot of it is about defining your brand story and communications.

How long does it take?

The branding work can take anywhere from one to three months depending on how much market research and discovery there is to do.

My goal is to have you up and running within a month. Sometimes that’s aggressive if there’s a lot of branding work, a marketing plan, or discovery to do.

If you have an event or goal date coming up though, I’m happy to work with your deadlines.

How much time do I have to put in it?

Ok listen, cookie, we’re in this together. You need to commit to this, and you may have some homework.

I may need you to write your story, send me things like pics or your CV, etc. Not a ton. Really I’m doing most of the work here. We will need regular meetings, and I will hold us to deadlines.

But if you don’t want to do a dang thing with it, that’s cool, I can work with that.

How much does it cost?

I’m not the cheapest and I’m not the most expensive. I’m priced to make it accessible for small businesses.

I use project-based pricing on a phased approach or monthly retainer. Most starts at $500 a month and can go up to $3k/month for bigger businesses or those in which we’re doing a full load of development.

I offer payment plans (with no additional fees), and invoices are sent by email (from Square) with reminders.

Have more questions? Contact me for a complimentary consultation.