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How to Tell People What You Do

HOW TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU DO  |  What do you do? We’re not talking about elevator speeches here, but the full laundry list of your services. You don’t want to give that when you first meet someone. So how and when do you give that info?
A services brochure or sales folder is a great way to accomplish this, and I recommend this kind of tool for many clients. It can be a great leave behind piece. Additionally though, it’s a good idea to remind them occasionally of your full range of services. This gives them the opportunity to identify other areas you may be able to help them with.

Remember, you are never selling, you are helping people to be aware
of how much you can help them. And you want to help them!

And I want to help you. Thinking strategically, how are you doing in your goals for the year? Let’s take a look at how the first half of the year went, what worked, and what needs work. When you look at the sales funnel, are you active in all areas? Please take me up on the complimentary strategy session to see what we can do.

And here’s a list of my services:

  • Marketing Plans to get strategic and get results.
  • Brand positioning and development to get on your target market’s radar.
  • Email Marketing – Creating and updating templates and content (like this one) according to current trends, to get high open rates.
  • Brochures and sales folders to communicate your full list of services.
  • Full Bios that brag you up and build engagement.
  • LinkedIn solutions including summaries, scripts and prospecting.
  • Sales Scripts and conversation starters to get the ball rolling or check in with prospects.
  • Social media development and participation.
  • Benefit (vs. feature) oriented copy writing.
  • New or updated websites to stay current and relevant – check out my new one!