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How to Make Selling Fun


Some people struggle with sales. There’s tons of advice, do’s and don’ts, successes and failures. It can get confusing. Some use a script, others are trying every next great thing and recipe for success out there only to keep seeing the same low conversion rate.

And now here I am telling you it can be fun. I wasn’t a natural at it myself until I came up with a strategy that was fun, easy, didn’t feel like selling, and that people naturally respond to. For me, the trick was to stop thinking of it as sales.

Nobody likes a hard sell in today’s marketing landscape, in any situation. I don’t care what you’re selling, in most cases when you hit people over the head with it you cheapen the value of the relationship, and possibly the service or product. Once that relationship is blown or cheapened, it’s tough to get it back, isn’t it? Just like personal relationships, we all want to feel valued.

Consider a conversation I had with a client around creating a referral program. She was thinking of offering a gas or grocery gift card as a referral tool. I told her that was great, and from the client perspective, I would use that, I’m going there anyway. And while I’m grateful for it, it doesn’t necessarily make me feel special. What about a fine dining gift card? Or theatre or sports tickets (depending on your target market of course). Woo me!

Let’s say I’m at an event where there is someone I would like to meet. Am I going to go up to them and immediately start discussing my features and benefits? Would you respond to someone who did that to you? Or would you rather be wooed and have me take the time and effort to get to know you in a way that shows that I am genuinely interested in you?

Closing the sale is not my primary goal. My primary goal is to develop the relationship as a friendship, and making new friends is fun! I don’t think of it as selling, I think of it as helping you understand how I can help you. And I’ll start off by helping you with some free advice or a free ebook. You’ll then see for yourself that I care and that I can help you. Closing the sale then becomes a natural progression of the relationship, “Lets get this going for you” or,  “How can I help you move forward?”

And just like your personal relationships, your business relationships need work and attention and maintenance. Develop good appreciation and referral strategies that support your target market oriented marketing strategy, and it’s in the bag.