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Marketing Game Changers

This is a photo of my actual Monopoly game board. We didn’t like how it was so we literally changed it!

We got rid of a couple of the “Chance” cards too. It makes for a long game that lasts even longer, but I tell ya, it was liberating taking the marker to that board! 

What if you took that kind of freedom with your marketing? What would you change?

Probably something that would make it more effective, predictable, and/or easier to do, right? That’s what I’ve been doing, and can help you make it happen for your business too.

There are marketing game changers you can employ that will get you impactful results. 

1. Focus on website conversions. So many of us would love to have people contact us with no or little sales or other efforts on our part. This can be done by focusing on SEO and conversions. SEO will drive the traffic to your website, focusing on conversions helps ensure they take action when they get there. You can learn more about this here. This initiative is like attaching a rocket to your business growth. A major game changer.

2. Find the right connections. You know how some people start their business, and right out of the gate they meet the perfect connection that makes their whole business or career? Dang, I wish I knew the recipe to make that happen! For those of us that it doesn’t happen to, we can get out there and hustle. Some things that work for many people is joining a mastermind group, teaming up with a partner on specific projects or events, and/or putting a strong focus on relationship marketing. Any one of these can be a big game changer for your business. 

3. Get out of your head. It’s happened more than once that my business coach has told me to do something I just got done telling a client to do. Sheesh! You’d think I’d know this for my own business! Sometimes it can be tough to get out of your head and see things objectively. A good business coach or strategist will help you do this, and keep you accountable. This is not only a game changer for timely actions, but for your overall business or career life. 

Here’s what to do now…
  • Take a look at the sales funnel and see where you can fill in or expand your efforts.
  • Try something new and different with your marketing. A new channel, a new offer, a new vendor.
  • Get out of your head with a complimentary strategy session.

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