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The Marketing Mouthpiece Machine

Maybe you’ve tried posting or boosting on Facebook. It looks easy enough but you didn’t get the results you hoped for.

Or maybe you’ve even got a good following on your company page, and you post somewhat regularly but just aren’t getting anywhere with it.

And what are you even supposed to be doing? And who’s got time for all that?

Me. I’ve got the time for it. And I’ve spent my whole career in marketing and advertising learning what works, what doesn’t, why, and what to do about it. Which best practices should be followed, and where and when you can break the rules. I’m here to tell you, there is a lot of science, artificial intelligence, and human behavior to understand these days.

And then Covid went and changed everything, so now what?!

Well now we have to work harder at building relationships because more of them are online. So not only has the marketing landscape changed, the tools haven’t slowed down being updated either.

This is why it makes sense to work with a professional. I’ll help you understand the metrics, and coach you on your marketing as much as you want – or don’t want.

It’s all good. You’ve already taken a big risk in starting your business, you don’t also have to put so much risk into marketing it. We’ll be going for the target markets most receptive to your products or services.

We’re there where they are, when they are, telling them what they need to hear in order to value the results you promise.

And we run it like a machine. An adaptable, curious, smart, experienced, fun machine. 🙂

You’ve heard of DIY (Do It Yourself), the Marketing Mouthpiece Machine is DFY (Done For You). It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Recency builds familiarity. When your Marketing Mouthpiece Machine is running, your business is covered across multiple channels every month with multiple ads. No dead air over here!

Frequency builds memorability. When it’s paired with an engaging brand and the right calls to action, you really can’t miss.

Initial Set-up:

Choose some or all, and the more the better (your overall results).

  • Branding
  • Website Landing page
  • Content calendar
  • Social media company pages
  • Email and autoresponders set up
  • Infographic incentive for email newsletter
  • Video +YouTube (optional)
  • Podcast (optional)
  • Editing for video and podcast (optional)
  • Additional campaigns (events, special offers, etc)

+ EVERY Month:

  • I write blog articles (optional)
  • Post blog on website
  • Prep and send email with blog article
  • Ad development with A/B testing
  • Social media ad scheduling
  • Video and podcasts (YT and (optional)
  • I edit video and podcast (optional)
  • Monthly reporting in a regular meeting to review metrics and strategy.

“When it comes to understanding branding and “how” to market your product, service, or personal capabilities, Connie engages her reservoir of extensive experience and knowledge to develop challenging, effective scenarios for new product ideas and ongoing marketplace demands. Her creative approach to developing and implementing marketing strategies and effective communications results in unique, powerful messages that not only produce amazing results but often surpass expectations.” —KimAileeen White