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New Year Planning


It’s time to check in again on the goals you made for last year, and start planning for this year.

This is the part that can be scary for small business owners. The reality check on what was done. When it comes to your marketing activities, …

  • What worked this past year?
  • What didn’t?
  • Have your target markets shifted?
  • If you’re a networker, did you get in front of the people you wanted to meet?

I like to go through this list at the end of every year to see what I want to shift for the upcoming year. For example, I used to belong to a variety of networking groups. At some point I realized they really weren’t my target market, or I had reached my saturation point. I had gotten as much business out of them as I likely could. 

As a result, a couple years ago I decided not to renew any memberships, but to one-off different groups. I found this strategy really freeing! I didn’t feel obligated to go to anything, and was more selective about the group and/or the content speaker. And I found new groups that were very successful for me.

It can be scary to go outside of your comfort zone.
Some groups are valuable for more than the business you get out of them. It’s fantastic to find these gems where you feel valued and get the support you need. Of course you may want to keep these. But for just a sec, ask yourself if you’ve gotten too comfortable. Are you really getting what you need anymore?
It can be scary to try something new.
Yes indeed. A couple years ago I tackled the one number fear that is more prevalent than the fear of death. I did public speaking. Eventually I realized just how much I do not enjoy it, and took it off the list with no looking back! 
Here’s what to do now…
As you engage with different marketing activities, whether it’s online advertising, a direct mail campaign, or something else you’re not sure of, think strategically:
  • Does it need more time to prove itself out? This is true of many online marketing activities, it can take awhile to build awareness.
  • Has it met realistic expectations?
  • Make a list of what you’ll shift this year.

One of the toughest things for us all to do is to get out of our own head about our business. Please let me help you with this with a Complimentary Strategy Session. No obligation. If there’s anything I can help you with, we’ll meet again to look at a proposal.

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