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Personal Branding and Why It Matters


Imagine you need a new business consultant, and have meetings set up with two providers. Both seem equally qualified. The first one shows up in a suit, the second shows up in jeans and a hoodie.  

Simply because of what they are wearing, an expectation level has been set.

   • Which one do you think will provide better service?
   • Which one will take you more seriously?
   • Which one charges more?
The suit, the suit, the suit.

I’ve been to speaking engagements lately where the title of the talk was misleading, nothing new was delivered (content could easily have been googled), the speaker really did wear jeans and a hoodie, they rambled, and overused “Uh”, “that being said”, “so anyways”, etc. 

But maybe you’re in front of your computer all day, so it feels like it doesn’t matter much. Maybe you’re younger and it seems like it’s ok. Maybe you think it’s cool with the people you work with, so it’s cool with your prospects.

Here’s what it translates to:

You have a casual attitude about yourself and your business,
so you will have a casual attitude about me and my business. 

As your Marketer, I’m here to tell you – Yes, It Matters!

If you are not taking this seriously, you are not helping yourself close a sale, get referrals, or get repeat clients. It’s not only your personal branding but your overall brand positioning.

Get strategic. Make sure both you and your brand positioning are working as hard as possible to get and retain your ideal clients. Get strategic and get results.