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Re-positioning your business

BoxesI just moved from Plymouth to Eden Prairie, MN. I had forgotten how much work that is but I love my new place and the location. I made this move to better support my way of life – I have easy access to a trail, am closer to friends and church and the layout of the place is simpler. It was a big shift, but well worth it. I’m now better positioned to enjoy life the way I like to live it.

Many people fear change and resist it as much as possible. And although I’ve moved an average of every 3 years of my entire life, I sympathize with them. It’s uncomfortable, unfamiliar territory. But how many life changes, aside from tragedies, have you been through where you didn’t end up better off in some way?

Changing your business brand or marketing positioning can be just as difficult. It’s surprising how many businesses I work with that are undershooting their ideal target markets. They unknowingly position themselves with lower markets. One of the things I love most about my job is showing clients a better expression of their brand and marketing than they knew was possible for them. They love that new territory! And the market responds favorably.

It’s a matter of positioning the business into what that ideal target market needs it to be to feel that the business is a target provider – a peer if you will. In this sense, when you build it, they will come!

Just remember, everything will be ok in the end. If not’s ok, it’s not the end.