Shifting Positions

We all know it’s a good idea to check in on your branding every few years and see what needs adjusting. I recently took a good hard look and realized I needed to shift my brand focus. I attended a WIN networking event in January, and although I’m not a member, I have plans to attend more events. I met some professional, inspiring women and just seemed to hear what I needed to hear. I walked out of there so inspired! I just knew what I needed to do with my brand, I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to implement everything.

Example A is this website and blog. I used to have a free wordpress blog website where I “parked” my information. Almost all of my clients have come to me through referrals so I never felt the need to be too promotional in my positioning. However, many of my clients do, and it was high time I practice what I preach and set a good example.  It certainly couldn’t hurt my business either!

You’ll notice that on the homepage I’m even using my photo in the slider. Seriously, I’ve never been the type who loves to be the center of attention, so this is significant. I’m doing it to build my personal branding identity and position myself as the expert. This works well since I use my name as my business name. Feels a little weird I must say. I have a fair amount of coffee shop meetings though and it has definitely helped people recognize me.

You really can’t escape blogging these days. If you’re not doing it yourself I’ll bet your reading one or two. They’re so popular not only because they do a lot for your SEO, it’s a great way to get to know a person or business better. The best practice use is to make them personal, engaging and more conversational. I like that aspect. It’s kind of fun to just write without having to work in all the sales and marketing lingo, even though that’s my thing. Another nice thing about blogs is you can keep it brief! I’ll talk about other examples of shifting my brand positioning in future blog posts.

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