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Should you use a script?


You either love them or you don’t. 
Many people feel strongly about not using scripts because you can sound too rehearsed. If that’s you, you can stop reading right now, because as someone who writes them and has seen how effective they are, I love them!

A lot of my clients, from sales professionals to consultants and business owners, have had great success using their custom scripts:

  • Conversation starters with hot prospects

  • Elevator speeches (most of you know by now I don’t believe in these, turn it into a conversation!)

  • The right language to close a sale or move a prospect along

  • E-mail auto responders

Have you ever walked away from one of these scenarios wondering if you could have handled it more successfully? 

You’re right, ideally you wouldn’t sound rehearsed, but in most cases if someone calls you out on it, or you feel it sounded toorehearsed, you can simply tell the person that you’re working on your skills and want to make sure you’re giving them the best information. 

Once you have it memorized, or are more comfortable with it, it’ll come naturally.

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