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Social media has gotten easier!


I can just imagine the expressions of some people reading that headline, from incredulous exasperation to tentative excitement!

It’s true though, I’ve recently discovered a couple tools that make sharing content posts super fast and easy. 

Conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters (2.9% vs 0.5%). (Source:Aberdeen)

The first tool is a content curator called Crate. I simply added in a bunch of my best resources, thought leaders, etc. and it finds the content for me. I select the content I like, then I can share it immediately or click the Buffer link to schedule it for posting later, which is what I generally do.

I also have a Buffer account (obviously). This comes with a button that goes next to the url field in my browser (I’m using Chrome). Now any time I see content I want to schedule to share, or share right away, I simply click the button. It gives me a pop-up so I can do it on the fly.

I’m also adding in my own promotional posts of course, with links to my blog articles, promoting marketplace items, or the complimentary strategy session.

Using these 2 resources, it now only takes me about half an hour to schedule a weeks worth of posts. I could do more, but I’m still trying out the free version that only allows 10 posts to be scheduled.

Easy peasy. That’s only 2 hours a month to have a much larger social media presence, and further establish myself as a marketing thought-leader. So far, after only a couple weeks, my LinkedIn views have more than doubled.

Not a DIY’er? This is so fast & easy now, it’s really become affordable to hire out. Contact me for rates.