Social Media How To

social-boxesThere’s so much out there about social media and how important it is or isn’t.

From a marketing standpoint, it can only help. So here are some pointers, and see the next post for how I’m getting ‘liked’.

What to post:

  • Links to content on your website, preferably your blog (excellent seo)
  • Links to good content on other websites
  • Something light or more personal to help develop engagement
  • Comment, like and share other posts (remember, it’s not all about you)

How to write a post:

• Introduce it with a non-sales-ey sentence or two.
Before: Click now for this awesome thing on my website! Share with your friends!
After: Here’s something new that might help or interest you

• Include the link and have a picture if possible.

I saw some statistics recently that says most people are engaging in social media in the evenings and on weekends. And then I saw another one that said they’re not around then. Either way, you can either schedule your posts through I’m not utilizing that right now, I don’t really like the hootsuite tag on those posts, although I’m not sure people even notice it.

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