‘The brand whisperer.’ ‘A marketing guru.’ Connie’s been called these and more due to her deep and broad understanding of brand positioning and target market engagement. She’s accomplished and formidable, and challenges her audience to think differently. Connie doesn’t mince words, she’s been doing this her whole career and is an expert communicator. Bring some meaty content to your event, there are plenty of insights and take-aways in each talk.

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Connie Kroskin’s One Sheet

 Relationship Marketing

Relaxed Handshake

Learn what shifting your focus from ‘selling’ to relationship development can do for your business now!

  • Earn trust sooner
  • Create long-term business relationships
  • Get more referrals
  • Grow your business in an easy, natural way!

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners agree that creating relationships is important to their business. It’s how we get repeat business, referrals and new clients. When you take the relationship marketing approach to your business, you are assuming 100% of the responsibility for developing and maintaining the relationship. In this talk you’ll hear insights, stories and suggestions to help make it work for you quickly and easily, including:

  • How to communicate in a benefit-oriented way
  • Ideas on how to nurture your best prospects and stay on their radar
  • Strategies to maximize LinkedIn
  • How to keep conversations going
  • Specific tools that make it easy and don’t take too much of your time

Join us if you’re ready to accept the responsibility and start creating prosperous relationships now.

“Thanks for your great insights – I’m walking away with some fun action items for LinkedIn!”

“Thank you Connie for the education. It was truly inspiring and really helped my wheels start turning in how I approach my own company with our clients, potential clients, and advocates!” —J.H.

You Don’t Need an Elevator Speech

elevatorWhen you recite your memorized elevator speech, does it get you anywhere? Let’s say you meet someone at the grocery store, and they ask what you do. You recite your elevator speech, then ask them what they do. Maybe there are a couple of comments or questions, and you end up talking about the weather.

Face it, sometimes what you really want is to determine if you are talking to a prospect. So how do you do that in almost any circumstance where you are asked what you do?

In this new workshop you will learn:

  • How to strategically control these conversations
  • Determine if you are talking to a prospect
  • Know how to filter them into the right product or service

A worksheet will be provided so you can have yours completed by the end of the workshop. No homework!

Marketing Through Your Sales Funnel


In this workshop, you’ll learn about the sales funnel, which is a visual diagram of the different levels of sales engagement from first contact to evangelist client.  It’s important for businesses to understand because it can shed a lot of light on your marketing and how to make it work better for you.

You’ll learn:

• How to identify voids in your marketing activities
• What marketing tools works and why
• Additional tools that will also work
• How to move clients deeper into your funnel
• How to keep your most valuable clients

Attendees receive the e-book and a copy of the diagram to work with.

“Thank you for taking the time to share “free” tips for all of us even though you had no guaranteed business. You were incredibly transparent and authentic.” — KC 

 8 Keys to Effective Marketing Workshop

spiral-bookThis workshop will show you how to make your marketing more effective and engaging. Based on the book, 8 Keys to Effective Marketing, A Small Business Guide to Connecting with Your A-List Clients, this hands-on workshop will help you take your marketing to the next level. Learn how to focus your marketing on your target markets. Bring pen & paper, this is a hands-on workshop.

Attendees receive the e-book.

Connie led a great marketing workshop, she really understands small business. Connie’s presentation of the 8 Keys to Effective Marketing were spot on for what I need to think about to successfully market my business. We received her new ebook too what a deal. Time and money well spent! —Tammy Magney, Architect

“The workshop was was very helpful, I never thought that way before and I think it is going to be very helpful.” — Tom Ilstrup, TLC Homes

Previous topics include:

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Ask about custom marketing-focused workshops created to fit your needs.

Connie Kroskin is an exceptionally accomplished Branding and Marketing Strategy Consultant who creates remarkably effective client-focused solutions that drive engagement and growth. An expert communicator, she has over 25 years experience in top ad agencies and Fortune 100 companies, and has directed many types of clients including B2B, B2C and Retail to great success. She led the Branding Council for a $4.9B line of business, created notable results for Campbell’s Soup, and is a past Vice President of Minnesota Mensa. Now focusing on brand positioning and marketing strategies for C-suite leaders, entrepreneurs and small businesses, she provides superior full-service solutions for those who are ready to align, attract and prosper!

Also an award-winning fine artist, Connie creates captivating paintings and books. She also leads creativity mentoring groups and workshops aimed at exploration and fulfillment through the freedom of expression.

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