Ta Da!

Well here it is, my new website! It’s not the first new one I’ve done for my consulting business, and probably not the last. This time it’s a site that is more promotional and professional. I’m shifting my brand positioning.

I thought of my old site, which was a free wordpress blog site, as a great place to “park” my info. And this can be a great solution for people who’d like to establish personal branding. I’m also ramping up my social media and email marketing -not too much, I promise! It’s time to let these marketing channels work more for me now. (Please opt-out if you’d rather not receive the emails. Seriously – it’s ok if you’re not my target market.)

I’ve created my consulting facebook page, and already have twitter and linkedin. I’ll be using these more now too. I plan to give marketing tips and keep the conversations going about marketing and branding for small businesses.

Hey – guess what else? I wrote a book! It’s called 8 Keys to Effective Marketing, a Small Business Guide to Connecting With Your A-List Clients. I wrote it for people who are interested in learning more about target marketing and how to become a target provider.

Somebody asked me today how long it took to write it, and I told him “my whole career”! Seriously though, I’ve been working on it off and on for the past 6 months or so. We can chalk this up on my life’s accomplishments list to another one of those things I never thought I’d do, but am glad I did.

Well so far this has been all about me. It’s my goal to be an example of how to use some of the tools I recommend to my clients. Future articles will be about helping you effectively market your business with your target market in mind. I’m open to suggestions for future topics.


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