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Take a Dose of Your Own Medicine

capsuleFirst of all, social media engagement works. Because I responded to a post, a lucrative new business association has developed that will allow me to focus more of my business on the consulting work that I find so rewarding. Then thanks to a webinar I participated in, and an objective look at assessments I’ve taken, I realized that most of my strengths are around engaging with people. Extrovert, connector, advisor, etc. Which explains why the consulting work is so fulfilling

While developing some programs that will allow me to do more of this (coming soon!), I was shocked to hear my own words coming out of my business coach’s mouth. I preach that stuff to my clients frequently! It’s an integral part of my overall marketing philosophy! What do you mean I’m not doing it?

This is why it is so important to work with professionals who can give you objective feedback. I frequently get peer reviews from respected associates in my field. Problem is, they speak my profession’s language and wear the same blinders I do.

Our brains are actually wired to reward us for the familiar, it’s one of the reasons it can be easy to create habits and tough to break them. After spending most of my career in this field, I’d created the habit of seeing myself from the insider perspective. It took a great business coach to snap me out it and see it from the outside perspective. While learning to honor my strengths, I’ve uncovered weaknesses that can easily be addressed.

Where are your blinders? What have you been doing the same way for some time now that will benefit from a fresh perspective?

I’m now offering a free 20 minute discovery session. Let’s discuss your biggest marketing weakness and how to resolve it. Marketing can solve many problems from sales to new client acquisition and client retention. Call today and let’s get rid of the blinders 612 730 9228.

Many Thanks to Mary Schmid of Your Brilliant You Coaching.