I highly recommend working with Connie

I highly recommend working with Connie. She helped me put a new Web site together and is a delight to work with — kind and professional — and smart and savvy. Both her Web site and marketing expertise were invaluable and I learned a lot. Connie also works faster than the speed of light! With just a few simple instructions, she was off and running! I look forward to working with her again on future projects. 

Very strong marketing plan

Mark Patun

I have had the privilege of working with Connie for the last month. Connie is very organized and professional. Connie is a great listener, she has asked for my input and then has put together a very strong marketing plan to help achieve my sales goals.

I highly recommend Connie for all of your Marketing Strategy needs.

I highly recommend that you get in touch with her

Anne Pryor

“Connie understands how to help tap into creativity. She helps individuals and businesses find a new way to attract the customers or ideas that you desire. I experienced her 12-month creativity workshop and after one session it was transformative. I highly recommend that you get in touch with her for your marketing, creative or inspiration needs.”

Connie has great leadership capabilities

testimonial 11.16.21

“Connie has great leadership and decision-making capabilities, manages multiple projects on tight deadlines and delivers insightful & creative solutions to the projects under her direction. It would be a pleasure to work with her again.”

Connie was one of the best Art Director’s I worked with

Testimonial 11.15.52

“Connie was one of the best Art Director’s I worked with. Connie was able to pull together projects with an innovative and strategic balance. She was very detailed and engaged every step of the way and could provide thoughtful and creative solutions that were above the level expected. I would love the chance to work with Connie again.”

Connie was a key reason for our success

Testimonial 11.14.57

“Connie was a key reason for our success on creative campaigns in a vastly and quickly changing environment. She kept us on track. Without her skills and management we would have been at risk on our successful outcomes.”

For very little cost I have at least doubled my business

Testimonial 11.03.13

“All I can say is that my business was slow and I didn’t know what to do. Connie assessed my business, had me do a rebranding with a new image, had me do an open house and do regular newsletters. Since then I have been busy. So for very little cost I have at least doubled my business. I’d recommend her to anyone who is ready to make important changes. And she is a delightful person to work with.”

Any business would be very lucky to have her consultation services

Testimonial 11.03.44

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Connie over the past several years on several digital online strategies. She is a gifted visionary who constantly guides and inspires the people around her. She is always ready to solve problems and does so by drawing from her breadth of experience to approach projects, challenges, and opportunities in a mature and thoughtful way. Connie is a huge talent to have on any team. She excels at communication, collaboration, and strategic development of the creative process. Any business would be very lucky to have her consultation services.”

5 Gold Sparkly Stars for Connie!!

Testimonial 11.06.05

“Connie IS my Branding Consultant. She has helped me with everything from concept to implementation. I now feel that everything about my branding represents me as a business owner, and also as a person. I am delighted with all we’ve done together and continue to think of ways Connie can help me market my business. 5 Gold Sparkly Stars for Connie!! Thank you for everything!”

I highly recommend her

testimonial 11.05.19

“Connie worked with me on my personal branding. She’s a great listener and is able to take what you say and make the final product a reflection of your personality. She is insightful and gives you several ideas to work from when developing your brand. Connie is willing to make revisions based on give and take. I highly recommend her.”

Have found Connie to be the best prepared to truly help me meet my goals

testimonial 11.02.36

“I have used several marketing specialists and have found Connie to be the best prepared to truly help me meet my goals. She is a great listener and knows the right questions to ask for a better end result. She is very efficient and delivers as promised. I would recommend anyone with marketing questions or plans to discuss it with Connie before you make that decision.”

Connie is truly amazing

Testimonial 11.04.50

“Connie is truly amazing. You truly don’t know, what you don’t know. Extremely worth the time and investment. Carpe Diem and set a time to meet with Connie.”

Surpass expectations

Testimonial 11.04.20

“When it comes to understanding branding and “how” to market your product, service, or personal capabilities, Connie engages her reservoir of extensive experience and knowledge to develop challenging, effective scenarios for new product ideas and ongoing marketplace demands. Her creative approach to developing and implementing marketing strategies and effective communications, results in unique, powerful messages that not only produce amazing results, but often surpass expectations.”

Thank you Connie for your insight, understanding, and letting me be me!

Testimonial 11.02.56

“Before I meet Connie I was a DIY business person for 6 years. I realized I needed help to move my business to the next level. I kept tweaking what I had done in the past and wasn’t happy with the look or what I was conveying. I spent too much time spinning my wheels with little progress.

“Then I met Connie. She understood my business and created a thorough Marketing Plan with suggestions for getting my marketing to work. She reinforced what I was doing right. She found my unique qualities and branded my business Animal Bridges, to fit my perfect clients. Now I am always ready to communicate how I can help people with their pets.

“The culmination of all our work is a wonderful brand, marketing tools and website that says it all. Thank you, Connie, for your insight, understanding, and letting me be me!”

This has probably been the most effective sales tool I have

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“I worked with Connie on a couple of different projects for my business. She helped me to package my services of Home Staging, Design and Organizing. I had been struggling with how to do so on my own, and she really was able to bring good suggestions and clarity about how to effectively explain my packages in writing.

“I also hired Connie to create my Newsletter template and train me on MailChimp, so that I could easily create my monthly Newsletters. This is something I had put off for about three years, and within a week, she had it complete! This has probably been the most effective sales tool I currently have and am so happy that Connie helped me to get the ball rolling!”

Working with Connie is a huge yahoo for any business owner.

Meg Miller

“I’ve been working with Connie Kroskin for the better part of a year. She has revamped my website, redesigned my business cards, created a brochure and other handouts to give to my prospective and current clients. As a solopreneur, she created a comprehensive package of design, structure, and direction that symbolizes both my business and me.

She has provided a beautifully crafted visual design for my business and brand. Her one on one sessions has helped me tremendously in refining my focus with a stronger ‘Call to Action’. Her warmth, expertise, and creativity have increased the visibility of my business, which in turn increased my customer base.

We continue to add more intellectual collateral to my product base as I work with my clients. I appreciate her depth of knowledge and proficiency of crafting a finely tuned marketing strategy for me to follow. Working with Connie is a huge yahoo for any business owner. Take advantage of her complimentary consultation, you will thank the heavens for having the opportunity to work with a well-seasoned and savvy marketing professional.”