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The Most Important Sales Tip & Easiest Way to Lose the Sale


Have you ever spent time with someone only to realize they have one single goal with you, and that is to make a sale? Remember how that made you feel?

I recently met a woman at a networking function. She reached out to me, seeming to be genuinely interested in what I do. I asked what her hopes were for meeting. She indicated she’d like to learn about my business, and wanted about 20 minutes to tell me about hers, and sent no less than 3 links to videos I should watch to prepare.

When we met, she lit up at any mention that indicated a way in which her health products could help me. It was as though that’s all she could hear. Nothing about me or my business, only opportunities to plug her products and attempt to sell me on them. I became a little paranoid of potentially mentioning something that she thought she had the fix for. I certainly did not look forward to communicating with her again.

She left me with a free sample protein bar, and told me she’d follow up to see how I liked it. Frankly, it was terrible tasting. What did I like about it? The fact that I would never have to eat another one. Was it partly tainted because she was so distasteful? Possibly. But then she mentioned that people usuallydon’t like the bars at first! So why would she give them to people?! Here – have something I know you won’t like! She then went into a bit about it being an acquired taste. 

This woman was focused on sales, not on relationship development. I was not a person to her, only another sale. And I never felt like a meaningful one even at that. Put yourself on the receiving end of your sales process.

The sales person who treats a prospect more like a friend, and is genuinely interested in helping them is more likely to get the sale.  

You’ve heard this before. It’s not about what you said or did, it’s about how you made them feel.