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The 3 Types of Marketing Problems


A new client I met with recently was very disappointed in her business in general. She knew he had a great product but she was having a hard time getting other people to realize how great it is. They weren’t buying much and when they did, they wouldn’t re-order. Even when given free samples.

The good news is that she was getting advice instead of giving up. She definitely has a great product in a niche market, and the opportunities are practically unlimited. The problem was that she was suffering from all three marketing problems.

Problem #1: Alignment

  • Clients who complain about prices or money
  • Low closure rate on sales
  • Referral partners don’t refer back

These are classic symptoms of a brand alignment problem. If the brand aesthetics don’t reflect the target market preferences it won’t get on their radar. If it does happen to get on their radar, they may lack confidence that you are a peer provider and understand their needs. Simply put, they don’t feel comfortable with your brand.

Problem #2: Attraction

  • Slow periods in business
  • Not enough business overall
  • Don’t know what’s working

These symptoms indicate that you are not marketing enough, aren’t marketing in the right places with the right frequency, or aren’t communicating appropriately. The easy fix here is to make sure you go where they are and stick with it. What do they need to hear from you? They need to know what’s in it for them. Make sure your communications are benefit oriented.

Problem #3: Prosperity

  • They buy or engage once but don’t come back for more
  • Low turn out at events
  • They don’t take advantage of special offers

While these symptoms can sometimes be due to one of the other issues, if you’re sure they are in order, than it’s a prosperity problem. Neither you nor your clients are prospering from the relationship. This may be because you may have stopped selling to them. Did you add them to your list? Did they like your Facebook page? Do they continue to hear from you? Building the relationship is key to developing prosperous client engagements. Continue to let them know they are valued, and help them understand other ways to work with you – and how it benefits them.

How many symptoms did you recognize in your business as you read through this? How many opportunities have been missed? It’s never too late to change or update your marketing strategy. Isn’t it riskier to do nothing?

If you’re not getting the results you feel you should be getting, let’s do a complimentary 20-minute strategy session to identify the problem and talk about the actions you can take.  Connie Kroskin, 612-730-9228.