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How to Use a Brand Persona


Your brand should represent the best outcome qualities of having worked with your business. Rather than representing as a prospect may feel when needing these qualities, you would represent as having attained the qualities. This helps them to envision what they may find or achieve, and gives them hope they may find it with you. 

For instance, if your business is a travel agency, you wouldn’t want your brand to represent the qualities of someone needing a vacation; stressed or having cabin fever. Rather, you’d want your brand to show the qualities of being relaxed, rested and happy.

Examples of expressing these qualities may include showing images of people who are light and joyful and connected with each other (groups, friends, etc). And depending on your business and your target market(s), light playful colors may add to it.

The brand persona is the perceived personality of the brand. Brand persona’s are generally an internal exercise that remains unknown to the public. The old mac vs. pc commercials are a good external example of this, pc being portrayed as more analytical and difficult to use, while mac was shown as casual and (user) friendly.

Let’s say your travel agency specializes in group travel for women. Your brand persona could be a successful 40-something year-old female artist, interior designer or B&B owner. When creating communications, it may help to consider how you would expect one of these to communicate with you. A B&B owner might focus on the hospitality.

  • How would she communicate to a friend who wants to get know her better?
  • What does she say to those who need her help?
  • How does she show that she is fun?

Extending the concept, wherever she goes she is always authentically herself. This means brand consistency. The brand is represented similarly everywhere, maintaining brand integrity.

Consider the effects of not being true to the brand qualities from the standpoint of the brand persona:

  • When she is unresponsive?
  • When she talks only about herself?

Now take a look at your personal branding. How are you dressing when you are with clients and prospects? Do you look like your brand persona (or better), or more like someone who has not yet achieved those qualities? I’m sure you can see the disconnect here. You may not be getting on your target market’s radar if you are not personally in alignment with your brand promise.

Even if you are dressing well, are you dressing right? Wearing the right colors can make a huge difference. You’ll be perceived more authentically, and you’ll also feel more confident. You’ll also get more compliments!

If you haven’t had your colors done, now is the time. It’s fun, quick and easy. Get more info here.

Connie Kroskin