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What To Do When Your Marketing Isn’t Working

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR MARKETING ISN’T WORKING | Some business owners have the belief that marketing in general doesn’t work for them. They’ve tried a few things here and there, maybe some ads and sponsorships, and they may have a token presence on social media. They know something is off, but don’t know what or why.

This is the perfect time to bring in a strategic marketer. I can usually tell by looking at the 3 main areas of your marketing where the issues are, and what we can do to revitalize them and get them working hard! 

I’ve been doing this my whole career. I was written up for work I did for Campbell’s Soup, led the branding council for a $4.9B line of business, and have worked with over 250 small businesses. I have never not gotten results. It’s a matter of being able to identify what areas of the marketing need focus, and then working strategically to maximize their effectiveness.

The three main areas are:

  • Alignment: Aligning your business brand with your target markets. When it is properly aligned your targets markets see you and identify you as a target provider. This includes your brand strategy, brand positioning, and brand aesthetics. With proper brand alignment, you are clearly communicating your key differentiators.
  • Attracting: All of your prospect-facing communications, including brochures, sales scripts, website, social media, emails, networking, etc. The critical thing here is that all communications are benefit oriented. It’s been one of the most difficult things to teach people how to do. Here’s an example, note the use of “I” vs. “You”:
    Feature oriented: I have over 25 years experience.
    Benefit oriented: You’re going to have over 25 years of hands-on ad agency experience working for you.
  • Prospering: The prospering phase is about your relationship marketing. This is the phase I see most often missed. What is being done to further relationships with prospects, past clients, and referral partners? The key here is accepting 100% responsibility for the relationship. 

Align, Attract & Prosper. Get on their radar, attract them in, develop mutually prosperous relationships. When you think about it, even non-marketing relationships are developed this way. Which phase isn’t working for you? Be strategic about it, and you will likely get much better results. 

Watch a video here to learn more about it, including more on how to identify the problem area. Ready to get strategic? Try the complimentary strategy session, and we’ll see what we can do now.