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What’s your marketing personality type?

Portrait of a happy business man standing with executives againsWhen it comes to growing your business, it depends not only on the type of business, but on you, the business owner if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. Different business owners have different strengths and preferences they can capitalize on to grow their business. Typically, it’s the path that’s most comfortable for you, the one you gravitate to, or is easiest for you. Knowing which of the three types you are can help you play to your strengths. Maximize your effectiveness by seeking similar opportunities.

The Online Engager

Online Engagers have fully developed their social media outlets and engage with them regularly. Preferred outlets include social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (and many others), blogging, and utilizing email marketing where appropriate. It’s all done online. They post, they blog, they join groups, they like, they share, and they develop relationships that generate leads.

It really takes this type of dedicated effort to see results because of the simple fact that it’s a crowded environment. Familiar faces are able to establish themselves as thought leaders more quickly, garnering trust and credibility.

If this is your preferred type, make sure you’re maximizing your engagements. Don’t be selling all the time, nobody likes that. Join other people’s discussions, help where you can and work on developing relationships.

The Active Networker

Active networkers do best in person, face to face. They may be more extroverted by nature, unafraid of walking up to strangers and starting conversations. They likely belong to one or more networking groups and may also conduct public speaking events. Active networking can be very effective when approached with the attitude of learning about others and how you might help them. This also isn’t the place for a hard sell. I like to approach it with an attitude of making new friends. Those are the best clients for me, and it takes the pressure off of selling.

Public speaking, or conducting workshops is an excellent avenue for this type. You are on, in front of your prospects, helping them learn more about you. This is a very effective way to move leads into clients.

Passively Aggressive

Not in the way you’re thinking. Passively aggressive marketers use tools like direct mail, traditional advertising and e-books. This is where a more aggressive sales approach can be utilized. In the direct mail and traditional advertising environments, you’ll need to hit them hard and fast with your offer in order to stand out from the visual competition and get some attention.

Passively aggressive marketers who also enjoy writing can benefit greatly from writing e-books. Find an online engager to help you move them. Those who purchase an e-book from you can be considered a shopper in your sales funnel, and can be nurtured into client status.

All marketing types require diligence, patience, dedication and persistence. I don’t think anyone has come up with a one size fits all easy solution to selling yet, so start with the areas that you are comfortable with and see what similar approaches you can try. If you know your business would benefit from other marketing types, or you just don’t see yourself in any of these because you don’t have the time, interest or inclination, contact a professional marketer like me who can get it done smartly and effectively for you.