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What’s Your Marketing Style?

(This is not my desk. It’s too minimalist for me.)

Wowzer, us tough Minnesotans are really getting it lately! For me, I can’t even really say I directly experienced too much of it, I’ve been opting to stay in and work from home. And I can not believe how much I get done! I’ve got nothing to do but be productive!  

It got me thinking, …What’s it like for those with an online-only business, or those constrained to the home for other reasons? It’s surprising how much we’re affected by our environment. It can mean everything, especially if that’s the only environment we have access to. 

Your online environment is likely the only one your prospects have access to. How do you suppose your business’ online presence makes your prospects feel? (You knew I’d bring this around to marketing, didn’t you!) 

• Is it minimalist? Not enough information can leave people guessing, instead of deciding.
• Eclectic? Mixed messaging also leaves people wondering. 
• Traditional? It’s tempting to set it and forget it, but your marketing communications should reflect current target market preferences or they may consider it outdated or not for them.

Try considering a contemporary approach. It’s definitely You, but updated and reflecting current trends, needs, and behaviors. It’s important to meet prospects where they are, and not expect them to adjust to where you are – for instance hoping they’ll make the right assumptions. In marketing terms, I like to think of it as not making them have to work too hard or think too hard. I’ve got it all laid out for them. 

Here’s what to do now…Have a friend or family member who maybe only knows the periphery of what you do Google you, and see what their impressions are. Is it too minimalist? Does it need updating?

One of the toughest things for us all to do is to get out of our head about our own business. Please let me help you with this with a Complimentary Strategy Session. No obligation. If there’s anything I can help you with, we’ll meet again to look at a proposal.

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