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Your Top 3 Marketing Questions Answered


You’ve probably been wondering about a few things about your marketing, haven’t you? You are not alone. So I’m going to answer the top three questions I get most often.

Plus, I want you to know that there is always a way.There is almost always something we can do now to get your phone ringing and get your business prospering.
#1. What can you do now to get your phone ringing?
 One of the easiest and quickest ways to generate income quickly is to tap into your existing client base. They already love you! Tell them about a new product or service, have an open house, or take someone to lunch. 

It’s surprising how often business owners neglect their own client base! Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?! And yet, many people think of them based only on their first transaction, then they only focus on the next new ‘first transaction’! But notice I said ‘first’. In almost any business, there is opportunity for creating simple additional services you can up-sell them into.
And, having already worked with you, they are the perfect candidates to become your best advocates! They will help you prosper!
 #2. How important is social media?
 “Just got to the coffee shop, love my latte!”
‘’OMG, can’t believe the line!”
“Woman in front of me wearing awesome shoes!” #timesuck
It’s super important. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear, but for most businesses it’s important because that’s where your target markets are, and you need to be where they are.
I recently got a call from someone who wants me to speak for her organization. She found me because I commented on a post of hers, TWO YEARS AGO!
The good news is that there are ways to make it manageable, even if it’s just not your ‘thing’. There are a few things you should have in place, like a stellar LinkedIn summary and company page, and a website that gets your phone ringing. But if you’re not the type (I know I’m not!) to post something frequently, let’s make sure what you do have there is doing everything it can for you!
#3. What’s the Most Important Thing?
Be benefit oriented vs. feature oriented.
There are two things I wish I could teach you about this:

  1. #1 is how important it is. It helps your prospects simply and easily understand how you can help them.
  2. #2 is how to do it. I’m sorry to say that many people have a difficult time with this one. The biggest worldwide conglomerates, and the smallest one-person shops have difficulty not talking about themselves, and instead talking about how their clients are helped.

 A Quick Start

 Ready for more? Let’s talk about a customized quick start solution for you. We’ll focus in on the top three or four things that will get you on your target market’s radar, attract them in (get your phone ringing!), and continue to prosper with them.
Just send me an email with ‘I’m Ready, Connie!’ in the subject line, and I’ll contact you to set up a complimentary 30 minute Strategy Session to get your marketing to work as hard for you as it possibly can!
Send me 2 or 3 days and times that work best for you